One of the tourist spots I’ve visited on my trip to Manila was Paco Park. Paco Park is a recreational and cemetery built by Spanish colonialism. It’s also part of the historical sites of Manila. Located at the end of Padre Street, Paco Park was easy to reach. If your hotel’s in Mabini area, Manila, you only need around 15-20 minutes to walk. Super easy, eh?

Paco Park is free, just like another historical site in Manila. At the entrance, you’ll be asked to write down your name and address on the guest’s book. Then, the tourist’s officer will give you a small note of Paco Park’s history as your entry pass. Cost less!

The Church at Paco Park

It was early morning when I stepped into the garden. Inside the garden, there’s a circular church surrounding by a big tree, a beautiful garden, and a small fountain. I couldn’t describe what I feel when I heard the birds chirping. It’s peaceful.

Magical Moment

At the hotel, before, I told my partner that I want to take some pictures for social media’s material. But I ended up laying down on the corner, enjoying the birds singing, the fresh air and the green scenery as long as I could.

Enjoying Paco Park

I could tell that I had a magical time there. All my burden went away. I even didn’t think about my dissertation. I’ve enjoyed the moment. Totally!

Despite all the historical’s story of Paco Park, the place was worthed to visit when you’re in Manila. Paco Park is a place where you could leave all your problems behind. It’s like you’ve started your new life. The atmosphere was relaxing and comfortable. And If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be accompanied by the pigeons when you’re enjoying the views.

So, if you dare to visit Manila, please, come to Paco Park, you will not regret.



  1. When you’re travel around July, the best time to visit Paco Park is in the morning around 7- 9 AM. After 9 AM, the sun will burn you because of its summer time.
  2. During my trip, I chose to walk and online’s taxi, so I don’t have any idea about public transportation. Some of my friends do not recommend taking the taxi since there is no fixed price and you have to bargain for the best price.

2 thoughts on “Visiting Paco Park, Manila

  1. bagus ya ternyata, mba.
    kita punya plant di Manila, selama ini selalu “ngeles” kalau ada plan visit ke sana. besok-besok kalau disuruh ke sana manut ajalah biar bisa kesini…hahahaha…


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